Far be it from me to judge (hee), but am I crazy, or does LiLo here look pretty good out on a casual stroll with her lady?

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson in West Hollywood

[Photo: Splash News]

Red hair, skin that doesn’t resemble a Florida orange, a bit of appropriately placed body fat, good boobs, refreshingly normal regular person jeans, cute top. BLESS.  Samantha looks a bit like she tripped and fell into a Salvation Army in 1987, but what else is new? It’s certainly an improvement from what happened the day before:

Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson

[Photo: Splash News]


Wow. I never thought the thing that would break me would be leggings paired with a vest and hellacious fringed flip flops that look like the kind of casual footwear that would be favored by Sasquatch on his off-days (which I think she’s also wearing in the other snap, but they’re much less….aggressive with that look). And yet, here we are. I am out of words. Thanks a lot, Linds. After all I’ve done for you.