Longtime readers of this site know that while we find Lady Gaga’s music catchy, for a long time all her clothing antics just felt tiresome. Now that she’s pushed things into the kind of extreme territory that makes Grace Jones seem banal, it’s a bit more entertaining, but my reaction to Lady G in general is that these sorts of shenanigans are usually reserved for people who are masking their lack of actual talent — except Gaga DOES have actual talent, and buckets of it, so what is she REALLY hiding from? And thus there is probably a long line of shrinks waiting outside her door dying for the chance to sit her down and do some psychoanalysis.

Anyway, this morning, all of that is moot. Today, Gaga and I are soul sisters. 

Lady Gaga arrives in Sydney, Australia

[Photo: Splash News]

Because those, my friend, are DIET COKE CANS (which she’s repurposing as rollers, so you can argue that’s a form of recycling). And those Diet Coke cans are either empty, or Gaga’s next trick is turning herself into a fountain of Glory Nectar that spews love every time she cocks her head just-so; either way, I suddenly feel that we are going to be best friends.
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