So, this is progress, right?

Red Carpet arrivals at the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, Canada

Our beloved K. Cla has said lots of times that she doesn’t work with a stylist, and lots of times, lots of people who LOVE HER and voted for her on Idol like a thousand times even though that was so long ago that you had to actually MAKE A PHONE CALL to do it, read that and sighed and said to themselves, “honey, you NEED one.” I suspect she may have taken our advice for this particular event, or the friend she took shopping with her is skilled, because…she looks totally cute, right? This silhouette is very flattering on her. I wish her hair looked a bit more rock star, rather than prom queen, but this is sort of fun and flirty on her and OH MY GOD I’M JUST REALLY RELIEVED IT’S NOT HORRIBLE. Phew. Okay. I just had to let that out. I love Kelly and I want the best for her so every time she leaves the house and I don’t have to say to myself, “Oh, KELLY, what are you WEARING?” it’s a load off my mind. Now I just have to worry about the quasi-unfortunate scarf-y tube top and too-long jeans she wore to perform in (a photo I could not obtain legally, unfortunately, though you can see it here), the fact that I worry that her voice has sounded sort of raspy-er than usual lately (albeit still good) and WHAT IF SOMETHING IS WRONG I HOPE SHE’S JUST TIRED, and, also, what I myself plan to wear when I see her in concert this summer. I’m thinking tube tops for everyone!