Every time I see Jayma Mays at an event, I think again how frustrating it is that whoever does her makeup on Glee spent most of the season making her look bug-eyed and a little tired. Because Jayma Mays is so, so adorable:

Glee Academy Event - Los Angeles

[Photo: Splash News]

I want one of those — and I will let you decide whether I am talking about the dress, the hair flip, or the quadricep. But, I will then steal back the decision from you: I am (mainly) referring to the clothes. The nude shoes lengthen her legs, and I love a redhead in green; only Emma Pillsbury could wear a dark minidress in the middle of summer and not even break a sweat. Love it. In fact, it all almost makes me hope Ryan Murphy favors her with the change to sing “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” when Glee does its Britney episode, but I think we all know that one’s got Sue Sylvester written all over it, no?

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