It certainly is interesting that Emmy Rossum is suddenly everywhere, in the wake of the Public Divorce from her Secret Husband. I’d hypothesize that she’s looking for Secret Husband Number Two, but she’s dating Adam Duritz and neither one of them is being secretive about it, perhaps because that relationship has gotten them more press than either of them has had in years. Don’t you feel like Ex-Mr-Rossum is sitting at home reading People, and being like, “REALLY? THAT GUY? FROM COUNTING CROWS? Huh.” Which is part of the reason I would not want to be a celebrity. In addition to bitches making fun of my awesome outfits, I’d have to see my ex-boyfriends splashed on the front of US Weekly, all “HE FINALLY SETTLES DOWN,” while I’m just trying to buy a Slurpee. But as much as I have enjoyed cracking on La Rossum in the past, I must admit that I think this is rather pretty:

17th Annual Hamptons International Film Festival - ''Dare'' Screening

I like the color, the ruffle is sort of visually intriguing, it fits her nicely, and the styling is refreshingly understated. She neither looks like a doll, nor as though she just stumbled off the pole. Points to Rossum. THIS time. Enjoy it while it last, kid.