With Jessica gone, Intern George asked if he could pitch in here and there on some posts, and who am I to turn down an opportunity to sit on my chaise and drink a milkshake? And so I thought I’d let George deal with his good pals Brad and Angelina. Without further ado:

Premiere Of Sony Pictures'

“Brad, sweet suavest one,
Don Johnson called. He wants his…
Wait, he got cut off.

Keith Urban’s waxer
Thanks you for the stellar tip.
Next time: Free buffing.

Remember that time
Pax plugged your beard into a
socket? Big laughs, smoke.

You are my sunshine.
Matt Damon, my SPF.
Me? Your daiquiri.

What does that mean? Hark,
what does anything mean in
a Speidi-free world?

Angie is glowing.
The dress, those legs, that smile…
Hug orgy ahoy!

Ah, but I kid, pal.
We’d never have an orgy
Without Soderbergh.

In truth, friends, you look
like a hug wrapped in bunnies
and dipped in world peace.
You should spawn again.
Ocean’s Next Eleven won’t
work with just six kids.”