Well, I don’t know about you, but I was afraid poor little Amanda Seyfried was going to come out of Battle J.Lo with more than a few disfiguring bruises and scrapes.

Dear John UK Film Premiere

[Photo: Splash News]

Not so! Amanda is both still in pristine condition, and in fact looks terrific. This is exactly as cute, sophisticated, yet sufficiently casual as befits an event promoting a Nicholas Sparks movie. Like, you don’t want to wear ripped jeans and a tank top, lest the world cease think you are a bad sport about slinging schmaltz, but likewise you don’t want to arrive in a ball gown and jewels for fear of people thinking that YOU believe this is Oscar-caliber drama and that everyone should bow and scrape in your wake until you are offered the role of Young Meryl in a biopic called Streeping Beauty.
Which is to say, I like this. I could’ve just said THAT, I suppose, but why use three words when you can use one hundred and three?