The best part about the existence of Avatar was Zoe Saldana’s romp through awards season last year. Love or hate the outfits, she was the one I looked forward to the most, and I’ve missed her since the heady days when she wore the awesome blood-red and the questionable furry purple. Le sigh. So it was nice to see her here, commanding a very unusual leather minidress with interesting stitching, and funky accessories. She’s just so pretty. I wonder if, when she’s flipping through the channels at home, she ever stops on Center Stage when it’s on cable and decides to watch it for old times’ sake. And I wonder if when she does that, as I do, she can’t help covering her eyes when Jodie Sawyer brings her fling the cookies “for next time,” or drools over him when he’s dancing, or if she yells “THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE” every time the camera pans down to Jodie’s feet and then pans back up to her in a completely different outfit, with different hair and makeup. (Parenthetically, the justification for this in director’s commentary is awesome; he basically says, “Um, yeah, it’s a film.”) Sigh. Zoe Saldana has brought us so many good times. Her clothes are just the icing on a cake I’ve been eating since 2000.