In this final week of 2016, we are re-running posts we particularly enjoyed getting to write over the course of the last year — like this salute to the glory that is Parker Posey, which originally ran on August 31, 2016. Long may she reign!

In writing a post earlier today — this one, wherein Parker is pulling a hilarious face for the paparazzi – I was reminded that (a) she is a bloomin’ delight, and (b) she has fantastically wacky taste in accessories. She also always appears amused and delighted to see the paparazzi, owns some excellent vintage sunglasses, has a really cute dog, was once photobombed by Ethan Hawke, and has worn several turbans. She’s only six years older than I am, so I’m making Transform Into Parker Posey my goal for the next five years. I can totally do it.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]