Someone send Anna some flowers:

Kate Upton looks better in her swimsuit on the cover of Vogue than she did on EITHER cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Admittedly, I am more the target market for THIS cover rather than the SI ones, but I’m even just talking about From The Neck Up. Namely, she looks like she hasn’t been totally sedated here. Admittedly, I am fond of the Dark Eyebrowed Blonde 50s Bombshell look with regards to a swimsuit cover, but this is basically the only time I’ve seen Upton photographed and thought, “oh, I GET IT.” I guess this is what is supposed to happen when you bring Mario Testino into play. (In comparison, Upton’s always charming on Today; I think she sort of works better in motion than otherwise, which is weird for…you know. A model.)

Additionally, congrats to those of you who predicted she’d get a cover; I never EVER thought Anna would touch Kate Upton with a ten-foot Photoshop tool. As Heather noted to me today when we were talking about this, it seems apt that this happened during the same month that Anna had to bring KimKard to the Met Ball. “Maybe she was taking her medicine all in one go,” Heather noted. Wise words from my better half.

[Photo: VOGUE/Mario Testino]