The Daily Mail (I know) claims that this Tatler cover makes the Harry/Cressida relationship official:

It also explains that Cressy — I don’t know if I can do “Cressy,” you guys. Although I do love watercress, so maybe I can deal — “broke a record in 2010 for ‘most people to finish a marathon while tied together.'”  Never change, Daily Mail. All that said, I actually love this cover. First of all, it’s full of articles I want to read — how did London become a sanctuary for stateless royals? How can I spot a bore? What problems have they had rewiring Chatsworth?! I AM WORRIED ABOUT THE REWIRING OF GREAT ENGLISH HOMES. (Actually, let’s get real: I would read about great English homes until tea time.) And this picture of “Cressy” (ugh) is gorgeous. I don’t know how Photoshopped it is — these ARE the people who made Kate Middleton look like our Lord and Savior, after all — but she looks like a fabulous model from the early 70s, and the whole cover is really appealing. I have to be on a plane next week. I can not promise I won’t buy this on the way to the airport, although, courtesy of our friends at Socialite Life, here’s the entire article about Cressida. READ AND LEARN!