Yes, it might be because I kind of have this haircut — and you guys know how I feel about SEQUINS —  but I seriously love this look on Sofia, even if it is basically a sequined sack. Or, rather, SEQUINED SACK. I dunno. I love the sleeves and neckline. [And SEQUINS. (Just wait until SWINTON goes out in SEQUINS — my caps lock will get stuck.)]

I spent several years complaining about her work for a variety of reasons — like, don’t get me started on ScarJo’s character in Lost In Translation. You are getting a free trip to Tokyo, sister! Stop moping around your hotel room in your underpants and go see the sights! GOD. — but this effort, at least, is okay with me. Is it a coincidence that I begin to swing towards approval now that Sofia has started trotting out a cute heel now and then? Let’s not examine that too closely, but just enjoy.