I have a lot of thoughts. First of all, her hair looks awesome. Vogue’s logo might as well not even be there. Who cares about the name of this magazine in the face of Serena’s awesome hair?

Second, I think she just looks great. Really striking and strong and glamorous. Most of all, I’m glad they resisted the impulse to do something gimmicky or silly and just went simple with her — it’s a lovely picture, but it also feels natural, which makes the whole thing seem more modern to me. I also love the article about her relationship with Caroline Wozniacki, because they’re my favorite Athlete Friendship out there, and they’re obviously crazy about each other. (I appreciate how Serena threatened to fly to Monaco and knock Caroline’s door down to help her through her break-up. Serena Williams might be the world’s best Get a Grip Friend.) I don’t think ANY of us predicted this one, but I for once am happy to be proven wrong.

[Photo: Vogue]