I’m almost surprised Halle Berry didn’t wear this first:

I don’t know why, but it strikes me as something La Berry would totally consider — she’s been digging on things that are body-skimming and sparkly. Then again, Halle has also been into things that only cover one-tenth of her boobs (which, let’s face it, if I had her boobs I might be in that phase too), whereas Selita presumably feels like she got that out of her system during her Victoria’s Secret days and would like people to look at her FACE, please. It works: She’s letting the dress work for her rather than the other way around, with the added bonus of looking nine feet tall (she’s actually under 5’9″). Ordinarily that hemline is a weird length, but the small cutout helps her pull it off without going Full Mullet — it’s really more like, say, bangs framed by a sleek blowout. Wait, how did hair come into this? What am I even talking about? I am wondering if I left the power of coherent thought back in 2010, along with the stomach flu and most of my ironic t-shirts. Shoot. Hopefully I’ll find it in a box of Christmas decorations, or something, before I ship them back to storage. Otherwise 2011 will be a long year for all of us.

[Photo: WENN.com]