We often get asked who we think usually looks good and every single time someone asks me that, I draw a blank. Seriously. I couldn’t tell you whose wardrobe I wanted to raid, and who usually goes outside wearing a bra made of banana peels and a French press on her head. It’s like someone just woke me up from a twenty-year-long coma and as far as I’m concerned the only celebrity I even remember is Luke Perry.

Eventually, though, I usually manage to cough something out  and half the time, it’s something vague and boring like, “uh, Reese Witherspoon usually looks good.” And THANK GOD THAT’S TRUE so at least I’m not a liar, as well as someone whose short term memory of cute outfits is totally shot. She really does usually look cute — like here! How cute is this? Cute! And kind of sexy. Thanks for not making a liar out of me, Witherspoon.