At first, I was unsure about this — part of the bodice looks a bit like fishing net to me — but the more I look at it, the more I like it:

It’s flirty and girlish without getting too twee.  And listen, rumor has it that Rachel is back together with Hayden “Snooze-y” Christensen, so maybe her dress is just trying to send her a message about there being plenty of other fish in the sea. We can’t ding her for being lucky enough to possess a wardrobe that also gives relationship advice. Imagine how useful it would be if, say,  you owned a pair of jeans that started cutting off your blood flow anytime you wore them around a dude you would be better off not dating? You’d keep passing out and thus save yourself potentially YEARS of misguided angst. I’m going to get to work inventing these over the holiday break — you readers can have first dibs.