This might be one of those outfits where I like the PERSON in it, so I am willing to overlook aspects of it that might cause a cocked brow were it on, say, my mortal enemy. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.)

Like, let’s be honest: That sleeve is kinda goofy. She sort of looks like half of her body is on its way to A Very Special Dynasty Christmas, and the other half is desperately trying to attend a holiday party set in this millennium. But she’s kind of working it, for me — I think because the rest of her look is so insanely low-key. I don’t know. I just LIKE it. Isn’t that enough for you!?

I didn't mean to put this to a poll, but it's the holidays. TIME TO GIVE:

  • I love it! (45%, 5,187 Votes)
  • This is CRACKED OUT. (55%, 6,263 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,451

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