I was going to put this up to a vote, and then I was all, “Jessica, pull yourself together. She looks great. What are you complaining about? You’re not madly in love with her shoes, and she might NAB (Need A Bracelet, for the uninitiated)? GET A GRIP.”

Feel free to disagree, obviously — always feel free to disagree! — but I’m going to give this one to her. Even if I feel like she needs something that I haven’t put my finger on yet. Something contrasting? A belt? A giant festive sombrero? One giant Bedazzled spat? A bionic hand? Something.

In other news, she’s on the cover of German Vogue this month, and unlike American Vogue, which has a habit of making her look like she’s just stuck a fork in a light socket, she looks AMAZ:

I don’t know how to say “good job” in German, but however you say it, this is it.

[Photo: WENN]