Hey, remember when Mila Kunis was just that girl who was dating Kelso in That 70s Show? I never would have guessed that, of all of them, she’d have the most promising acting career heading into 2011. (Sorry, Ashton: if it makes you feel better, you’re richer than God.) But I really liked her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall — and she had the least show-y part — and rumor has it that she’s quite good in Black Swan.

She’s also looking kinda great lately. This is pretty fabulous, I think — very grown-up and polished, but not stuffy or too old for her.

This one, I’m not sure if I love quite as much as the first one — although I like the belt as a belt, like, CONCEPTUALLY, I’m not sure if this dress really needed one. But it’s still slightly sassy without getting totally cracked out and I like the neckline. In other words: watch your back, Portman.

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