Okay, first off: I don’t know why she looks so scared in this picture. No one is going to force you to go back to Dawson’s Creek, Michelle. For one thing, even if they did manage to bribe Katie Holmes, Pacey, and the Beek into returning for a Two Hour Television Movie Event (in which Dawson has morphed into his asshole movie director character from One Tree Hill, let’s hope), your character is DEAD. YOU’RE FREE. But let’s talk about your outfit:

a) I can’t wait to see what she wears to the Globes, so I can, for the two thousandth time, talk about how much I loved her yellow Brokeback Oscar dress and you all can be like, “WE KNOW. MOVE AWN.”

b) Yes, I did get “MOVE AWN” from a scene in From Justin to Kelly, in which her Bitchy Southern Friend tells Kelly to get over Justin. Seriously, that movie is still the worst/best thing ever. Can’t someone PLEASE talk Kelly Clarkson into doing a commentary track and re-releasing that thing?

c) I sort of wish the belt was BIGGER here — it kind of looks like a random ribbon she just tied around her waist — and I also sort of wish the crew-neck was less crew- and more boat- but she looks charming? Right? RIGHT?

Speaking of a boat-neck, take a look at what she wore the next night, also known as last night:

I think I want THIS bodice on the other dress, and this dress to be worn….at a time not so close to when she wore something almost entirely identical. I don’t think I even dislike it,  but it’s SO SIMILAR to the other that I just feel kind of, you know, perplexed.

What do you think? Does it matter? Are they not REALLY that similar? Is she maybe wearing a uniform now and if so, do you agree with me that having a uniform actually makes life much easier and we could all benefit from one? And is it possible that I actually already have one? (I totally do, and navy and white stripes are involved [I apparently want to look like a French sailor most of the time])? Talk me off the ledge, Fug Nation.