Aw, she looks really happy here. Good for Miss Blair!

Also good for Miss Blair: This dress is seriously cute (I love me some texture). ALSO good for Miss Blair: I just saw an entire ad for Country Strong on ABC Family which featured exactly zero seconds of footage of Ms. Paltrow and which made the whole movie look like a romantic musical about a country-singing Blair Waldorf and some cute dude (so: possibly a better movie). All I could think about while I watched it was that all those ABC Family-watching kids who might be seduced by the ads to go see said movie will be REALLY IRRITATED when they also have to sit through like six hours of Gywnnie and Tim McGraw during which Tim McGraw is charming and Gywnnie pretends she’s not thinking about which Himalyan sea salt to feature in next week’s GOOP. Seems like a bit of a a bait and switch — like the movie version of the marketing they did for One Day, which, by the way, is an excellent and recommended book BUT NOT A FLUFFY EASY READ ROM-COM I CANNOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH. (If I can warn the six people who haven’t read that book after its huge push over the summer that it is NOT Bridget Jones Redux, I will consider my work here done.) I figure, when you get to the point where someone, somewhere says, “Meh, take out the Oscar winner and put in that kid from Gossip Girl,” SOMETHING is going right for you.