We have given Kaley Cuoco many a hard time in our day, and I am happy to say that (a) this is kind of a new look for her, and (b) it’s totally cute.

Let’s start where all good things begin, with her shoes:

I was more into them when I thought the toes were patent, but whatever. These are still cute, and unusual, and probably easy to walk in. I love, as one of you put it on Wednesday, “a pointy, precarious” shoe, but I am also maybe ready to embrace the short, chunky heel trend, for purposes of not one day accidentally falling out the window. Although I once fell in a ditch wearing wedges, so….ANY. WAY. These are charming, especially with her dress:

This kind of mod vibe suits you, Kaley. Make a note!

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]

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