Hailee Steinfeld  — who’s apparently awesome in True Grit – is only fourteen, and thus a wee younger than the celebs we usually feature here. But I couldn’t resist:

I just think she’s adorable.  She doesn’t look twee or cutesy, but she also doesn’t look inappropriately glammed up for her age and the National Board of Review always feels quasi-serious to me, so the dark color seems right (plus, I love her vintage-y looking necklace). Here at GFY HQ, we refer to this delicate balancing act as Pulling a Fanning and it’s HIGHLY recommended. Especially when the other options for teen stars are, like, Pulling a Britney or Pulling a Miley. We can not stress this enough: PLEASE DO NOT DO EITHER, EVER. PS: Rumor has it they’re thinking about Hailee for Katniss Everdeen in the adaptation of The Hunger Games, which would be (by the time they finish the script and start filming) possibly the only time EVER Hollywood cast an actor who was actually the age of the role she was playing. Go get ‘em, kid.