I don’t really ever wish to change places with a celebrity, but Diane Kruger is testing my resolve:

Seriously, for even like ten minutes, I would love to know what it feels like to wander around in that outfit — it’s like an awesome high-fashion breastplate — with that figure, in those shoes, having people look at me in that face. Not to mention that if Pacey isn’t there on her arm, which would be a bummer, I could at least purloin her cell phone and send him some incredibly saucy text messages just to say I did it. After all, Jessica would never speak to me again if I went all Being John Malkovich with Diane Kruger and DIDN’T hit on Pacey. And we can’t have a Fug Nation divorce, can we?It would be my moral obligation. But first I’d enjoy the hell out of the clothes.

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