I mean, this might be my favorite cover that Nylon has ever done:

I kind of want to frame it. It’s got so much personality — and god knows, it’s nice to see such a direct nod to how much Nylon has been influenced by the zines of the 90s (and the Sassy aesthetic). The picture isn’t perfect, but it feels very genuine, and that’s so much better. Just the other day, I was thinking about how Winona getting caught shoplifting was SUCH a huge deal at the time — her trial was the leading story on the nightly local news here in Los Angeles — but if someone as talented as she is did that today, it would probably be little more than a blip in their week. Whether that’s a good thing or not, of course, is up for debate. It was obviously a rock-bottom moment for Winona, and she’s said it saved her life — she was depressed, suffered from anxiety, and was using drugs prescribed by a doctor who was notorious in Los Angeles for being a pill-pusher. (I remember when this whole thing went down, my friend Victoria — she’s the one who was Fabio’s PR person when he was hit in the fact by a bird — scoffed when she heard who the doctor was. “Oh, HIM. There’s a reason everyone calls him Dr. Feelgood,” she said.) Which, I suppose, just goes to show that you never know how things are going to end up working out. Either way, I’ve missed Winona terribly, and if she’s having a Winonaissance, I am here for it. Wino, as they say, forever.

[Photo: Nylon/Ash Kingston]

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