I am deeply into Rachel Weisz at the moment. I ALWAYS have found her incredibly beautiful, but I am feeling particularly fond of her given this week’s adorable canoodle-athon with Bond. Even all of that aside, I think this cover is great:

It manages to be so icy grey and yet so warm at the same time (thanks, I think, to how soft her dress and hair are). It’s beautiful, and appealing. (It goes without saying that I’d also like to know The Secrets of a Swan Neck. I always thought that secret was, “have good genes.” I also want her hair.)

I am less enamored of their subscriber’s cover, although I actually really like her facial expression:

I usually like how sparse subscriber covers are, but this just feels unfinished (and a little random. Is she straightening her flower pin like a bow tie? That’s not how things work). For once, though, this makes sense: The newsstand makes me want to buy it. If I were a subscriber, I’d already be in too deep anyway.

[Photos: Harper’s Bazaar UK]