I am very curious what the story pinned to the top headline turns out to be, because my pet peeve of the whole Kristen Stewart scandal is that the media relentlessly batters her with it and never once takes Rupert Sanders to task for being a) the grown-up, effectively; b) her boss at the time; c) the one who was married with children, and d) one half of the two it took to do the naked tango.

So whether that’s about Liberty Ross or something else, the headline certainly feels like it’s meant to vilify Kristen over old news, or make you think she’s being smacked down about it again, and I find that gross. It’s been well more than a year since that unfolded, exploded, and the dust settled. LET IT GO. And stop being so one-sided in where you cast the blame, media. There is plenty to go around, and much of it should be pushed at the person whose name, I’ll wager, very few people even remember because nobody ever mentions it (Sanders).

But, the cover subject: Nicole. She looks tremendous. She’s either in her Grace Kelly garb, or meant to look like she is, and it’s fabulous on her: Her hair looks vibrant, shiny, thick, and lush, in a way that it hasn’t in a long time on the red carpet, her make up is great, and there’s a softness to her that’s been missing the last few years. The dress is an afterthought thanks to the size and design of the cover text, and I’m fine with that because it’s all about her head. Ever since Diana turned out to be such a hot mess of a muddle (it’s not even out yet, but based on previews and the UK reviews, its fate as a disaster feels assured), I’ve been wary of Nicole-as-Grace, and whether I will be able to lose myself in the movie or sit there thinking, “Yep, that’s Nicole Kidman playing Princess Grace.”  The cover is doing its job of making me curious enough to see it, and also reminding me that she’s Nicole F’ing Kidman and not just Keith Urban’s fan club president.

And let’s not even pretend I’m not looking forward to the cheerfully presented “COITUS DISRUPTUS” story. The deployment of TWO exclamation marks means it must be very dishy indeed.