If you are on the fence about Lupita Nyong’o — and if you are, where IS that fence, because the only reason I can think of for you to be on it is if it’s really comfortable and/or someplace tropical — then let me share this description of her family from the New York profile (the link also has a couple other pictures), punctuated by a reference she made herself:

When Nyong’o was less than a year old, her parents moved back to Kenya, where her father is now a senator representing Kisumu County, her mother is the managing director of the Africa Cancer Foundation, and her cousin Isis is one of Africa’s most successful women, according to Forbes (“We don’t really know what she does; she’s like the Chandler of the family”).

So they’re all smart and talented, which is cool enough, and then she drops a Friends bomb and my crush is flowering anew. And to clarify: We’re not featuring this because of our association with The Cut; we just thought it was in line with Fug Nation’s interests, and also we were mesmerized by it when we saw it at the airport.

[Photos: Erik Madigan Heck/New York magazine]