This is my favorite of all the Kate Upton covers.

You know how much I abhorred her Sports Illustrated pictures, and I actually wasn’t completely in love with her Vogue cover, either. It was MUCH MUCH BETTER — like, a million percent — but I just wasn’t sure her face was carrying that much makeup. So for me, this this is the Kate Upton lightbulb moment. This is the one where I’m looking at it and thinking, “Okay, yes, I get it.” On SI, her body was made so cartoonish in the flossy bathing suit, and in the hoodie, and her face was treated like it was totally beside the point (which on some level it probably is, in that issue, but it shouldn’t be, and that’s dumb). Here, her body is just as hot and curvy, but her face is more than the cherry on the sundae. It IS the sundae.

If I have a beef, it’s that somehow her hand looks enormous and lifeless, pressed against her face; it doesn’t look like we caught her in a moment of alluringly fixing her hair, so much as she slapped her meathook over her ear because she hopes no one will notice that she lost an earring. And I JUST noticed that they didn’t Photoshop out the crease her dress is making around her groin, which feels like a mistake. But her eyes are giving me so much Tyra that it’s hard to care about the rest.

[Photo: Elle]