Judging by the tweets and e-mails we’ve been getting, I may be in the minority here, but I kind of LOVE this cover.

And my affection is not just because Vogue resisted the temptation to slap an arbitrary number on its Must-have Fall Looks feature (finally they realize that I’m not going to pick up this issue just because it’s finally five-hundred-seventy-two things). No, I just think Emma looks fabulous. Some people have been taken aback by the strong eyebrows, but I think her face takes all that makeup beautifully and her skin is terrific — the whole thing is kind of a great blend of commercial and high-fashion. When I look at her I see a weird amalgam of Kate Beckinsale, Jamie Lee Curtis in that scene in True Lies where she ham-handedly seduces Arnold Schwarzenegger, and a Robert Palmer girl, and yet she’s all that without rendering herself unrecognizable as Emma Watson. Further, Miss Tyra would be moved to incoherence over the expressiveness in her eyes, and A.L.T. would be like, “It’s like a bon-bon at a literary salon on the French Riviera of my wildest dreams,” and Nigel would be like, “You’re FANTASTIC” and undress her with his eyes, and then all the other girls would decide she doesn’t want to be America’s Next Top Model enough for their liking and backstab her into quitting the show in tears. In other words, perfection. Like gum.

Also, seriously, how does one decide an island is “best-decorated”? Does that mean hot natives, or just a really great eye for decorative rocks and throw-pillows?