I called this one (did you?)! I’m so proud. I even knew they’d mention the baby. I will give myself a cookie as a reward. Now, let’s talk about this cover. I am a bit torn; the trench is WAY TOO HOT for August, but it’s also thematic given that we always think of the CIA/FBI wearing a trench, and I guess it’s time for us to talk about fall clothes already? Ugh, Vogue, I can’t. It’s too hot.  Although, I love trenches, and this one is beautiful. Additionally, I need to read about the facelift of the future AND how to keep from shrinking (I assume step one is not to marry one of The Twits) AND I probably need to make fun of the article that’s going to treat Brooklyn like it’s, I don’t know, the depths of Peru so exotic it is! And who doesn’t want to see lots of Damian Lewis? So I’m giving this one a tentative thumbs up, even though I hate her makeup and think it makes her look a tad bit like she’s running a fever. Or maybe she’s just really hot in that trench.

[Photo: Vogue]