LIV TYLER: Charlize!

CHARLIZE THERON: … Liv! That’s you! Wow. Just… wow.

LIV: You look fantastic!

CHARLIZE: And you… are also here!

LIV: That wasn’t very polite.

CHARLIZE: Well, it’s also not terribly polite to wear a skirt made of your father’s hair.

LIV: Hilarious! You’re such a card, Charlize!

CHARLIZE: While you’re in a good mood, I have two other questions: SERIOUSLY, what is that shirt doing to your chest, and also, if you’re so cold, why not put your arms THROUGH the blazer sleeves?

LIV: Why is the carpet red? Why are pants called a “pair” when it’s just one item? Why is Keanu Reeves?

CHARLIZE: I don’t follow.

LIV: My point is, why is anything? IT JUST IS. Or in other words, don’t try to change me, baby.

CHARLIZE: Point taken, I guess. At least I still look slick.

LIV: Slick, and wrinkled.

CHARLIZE: Oh, now you’re sniping just to DO It.

LIV: .. Yeah, I am, kinda. You do look slick.


LIV: Does this mean you’ll take back that thing about my dad’s hair?

CHARLIZE: No. He looks like Kelly Taylor in the last season of 90210. Except I wish he’d choose himself.

LIV: Fair enough. Let’s go crawl into a martini glass.

CHARLIZE: Amen, sister.

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