For the most part, I like the pair of metallic cocktail frocks — and the arm candy — Anne wore to the Love and Other Drugs premieres in Sydney: This gold retro-style one (with lamentable hooves, but what can you do?), and a blue sequined one with transparent fluttery sleeves about which I am not sure, but I am captivated enough by the colorful sparkles on her dress that I’m sort of ignoring that other part.

It’s smart of Anne not to wear anything as depressing as that movie seems to be; frankly, if she went into a screening of it looking like she would rather eat knives baked inside an arsenic cake, it wouldn’t be the greatest motivation to spend my $14 at the ArcLight to see whether I think she deserves the Best Actress nod I suspect is coming. Several friends have suggested I will spend the entire movie wanting to slap her character, which would make this the second time Anne has achieved career Nirvana for playing an infuriating role; ergo I suspect she will soon be starring in a film adaptation of those Burger King breakfast-sandwich ads where everyone chants in military cadence, then follow it up with a biopic about Flo The Progressive Insurance Lady.

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