JOSH DUHAMEL: I’m handsome. Too bad I’m sort of douchy to air hostesses.

KATIE HOLMES: No one calls them that anymore.

BLAIR UNDERWOOD: I’m ALSO handsome and as far as any of you know, I’m NOT douchy to ANYONE in the service industry. BLAIR UNDERWOOD WINS AGAIN.

JOSH: FINE. SORRY. Stewardesses?

KATIE: FLIGHT ATTENDANTS. God. Also, FYI, if you had a private jet like Thomas and I do, you could text the whole time.

BLAIR: Who is THOMAS? PS: I like your outfit.

JOSH: I think she means Cruise.

KATIE: Yes. MY HUSBAND. THOMAS CRUISE. Thanks for the compliments. Don’t I look charming? I know everyone loved my bob, but this hair is good too, right?

BLAIR: Yeah, you look like Jaclyn Smith.

JOSH: Yeah, you look great. That dress is really cute. It’s annoying — I’d love to text Fergalicious about it, but someone took my f%$#%king phone away so I wouldn’t text during this presentation of whatever it is we’re doing here. God. Why is life so hard?

KATIE: You might feel better if you were a Scientologist.

BLAIR: And that’s my cue to go.