Well, Fug Nation, it’s been a long week. Here is Benedict Cumberbatch greeting a Madagascar penguin.

I mean, why dally? Let’s just tell it like it is. Mr. Cumberbatch was delighted to meet his co-star in the upcoming spin-off, and the two of them discussed Sherlock spoilers over Bloody Marys and whether Khan or Darth Maul would win at Mario Kart. They finished with what looked like some very saucy secrets indeed about the set of August: Osage County, and when Mr. Cumberbatch was asked if he is presently seeing anyone, he had but one answer:

I hope you kids are happy.

In truth, the Penguins of Madagascar discussion seemed pretty lively. When asked how he prepared for his role as a wolf, per The Guardian, Cumberbatch said:

“I worked in Yellowstone park as a wolf for awhile. I was accepted by the pack quite quickly. It got a bit hairy, no pun intended, when I became the alpha male. Eventually I realized that two of the other wolves were Christian Bale and Daniel Day-Lewis.”

Now I want to chat with him over made-up Bloody Marys. Or better, real ones.

[Photos: Getty]