It’s not that I don’t enjoy dramatic pictures of Jennifer Lopez, but is Harper’s Bazaar really this unable to conjure a fresh cover subject? It was only ten months ago that J.Lo fronted an issue — to the point that in both stories, her children are listed as “10 year old twins.” They haven’t even had a birthday in between. It’s, yes, Harper’s bizarre.

The April issue headlined the piece, “J.Lo’s Flying High,” and the subhead was, “On top of the world personally and professionally, the superstar opens up about her #MeToo experiences, being a workaholic, and life with A-Rod.” This month’s headline might be trying to wink at it: “Jennifer Lopez Is (Still) On Top Of The World,” and yes, in the subhead she does “open up” about A.Rod and work (“The singer, actress, and mother opens up about finding love and how she’s survived 30 years in show business”). And both shoots include an element of creating the illusion that she is airborne.

To the writer’s credit, the stories don’t read like carbon copies, which had to have been hard. I definitely believe Carina Chocano — a total pro; she just did the Jennifer Aniston story for Elle — read the first J.Lo piece and made a concerted effort not to duplicate it. But the fact remains: If my reaction was, “Wait, wasn’t she JUST on this magazine?” then maybe Harper’s needs to stretch its imagination a bit. There are a ton of diverse, interesting women who merit covers. What about Gina Rodriguez, about to end her career-making and boundary-breaking show Jane the Virgin? And honestly, why not Rita Moreno, who is still dynamic and KILLING IT on One Day at a Time, and who would bring gorgeous and welcome age diversity to the proceedings? Someone give that woman a fashion shoot, please. Or Michelle Yeoh, or Constance Wu, or Danai Gurira, or REGINA FREAKING KING? Some of them may be coming down the pike, but they would’ve been brainstorming ideas for this not even that long after J.Lo’s first cover, and all of those people would’ve been in the news last summer/fall. I could go on, but I think my point is made: No matter how intriguing Jennifer Lopez is, she needs two Harper’s covers inside of one year like I need another bag of prime rib and horseradish ruffled potato chips (thank you, Kroger).

[Photos: Harper’s Bazaar]