I originally had this photo in a slideshow, and was like, “SHRUG, I don’t know about this outfit; I clearly don’t speak Halle Berry with any fluency anymore.” I noticed nothing unusual. And then, on a hunt for the outfit credit, I stumbled upon Twitter account after Twitter account discussing her pregnancy at 50 and by whom it might be, and other mysteries of Halle Berry. (The Mysteries of Halle Berry would apparently make a good TV show.) And here’s the photo that had them all buzzing:

16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball - Arrivals

Normally I would be loath to speculate — we have been so good about not womb-watching, despite our gossipy natures — but I think Halle rubbing her stomach pretty much kicks open that door. I mean… MOST people don’t pose this way if they’re just really proud of a food baby?

16th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball - Arrivals

She’s practically presenting it here, as if to say, “UM DOES ANYONE WANT TO TALK ABOUT ANYTHING?” Honestly, I didn’t see it. I was looking for a full-on photo of the outfit, so I didn’t even GLANCE at any of the ones shot from an angle. I… don’t know what to make of this, honestly. If she’s pregnant, hooray! I love babies, and secrets, especially of the paternity variety. And if she’s not, and she’s just cradling her stomach to announce, “At long last I have entered into a torrid affair with cheese and crackers,” well, welcome to my table and have you tried the espresso-encrusted one because it is GREAT. It’s happy news either way, and it’s entirely possible that by the time this is published she’ll have given a statement that negates one thing or the other. So I will say this: Pregnant or not (edited to add, again, that she allegedly is not), food baby or flesh one, you look great as a human but seriously I really do not sign off on your outfit and you might rethink the bangs. Joy and cheese be with ye.

[Photos: Backgrid]