Well. This certainly — for obvious reasons — was not on anyone’s Vogue Predict-a-Cover, an annual exercise here that is gonna be something to see come January. For sure none of us predicted this!!!

Here’s Vogue’s Instagram about this:

The cover profile — for lack of a better term — that they ran in the magazine itself is actually fascinating and the interior shots are also quite beautiful. It includes several vintage Penn photos and covers that I think are stunning. If Vogue can manage to keep publishing — a serious question, given that ads have surely plummeted, leading to their consolidation of June/July — I think people will enjoy seeing more vintage photos, which may be one of their only options.

The magazine’s new cover features a single red rose, representing, says Martinez, a symbol of “beauty, hope, and reawakening.” It’s also a conduit between Vogue’s past and its present, as it was photographed by Irving Penn, a longtime contributor to the magazine, and one of photography’s great masters. The idea of heritage (as distinct from nostalgia) resonated with the Vogue team in this moment when so many things we have taken for granted have been uprooted.

The piece talks about other Penn/Vogue cover logistics — this is not the first time they’re run a still-life from his camera on the cover — and it is sincerely interesting. As far as the cover shot goes, I think it’s striking. This is smart, too — what else are they going to do? It’s time for creativity in communication more than ever, and surely this is the most challenging time of Anna Wintour’s career.

Speaking of, Anna’s editorial letter is also worth a look, highlighting some amazing photojournalism they’re running this month. I enjoyed reading it — and loved her shoutout to Lee Miller, who led a truly fascinating life — and I think you’ll also find it interesting.

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