The last time I covered International Vogues, one of you asked if we’d seen the cover of the newest Vogue, Vogue Arabia — but we hadn’t, simply because it didn’t exist at that moment. But now it does. And it’s pretty stunning. (New York recently did a story about the mag’s editor-in-chief, Princess Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, and the magazine’s goals, and it’s an absolutely fascinating read.)

I feel like you could frame either of these covers and hang them in your boudoir. They’re absolutely eye-catching and gorgeous, and luxe.

Vogue Arabia March 2017 : Gigi Hadid by Inez van Lamweerde Vinoodh Matadin


Postscript: Did you know that Gigi’s father, Mohamed (with whom you be familiar because he pops up on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills on occasion), is such a good skier that he was on the Jordanian Winter Olympics team, and is the only Jordanian ever to compete in the winter games? (He has dual citizenship with Jordan and the United States, and is of Palestinian origin.) He was an apparently an incredibly spry 43 at the time. However, it was a demonstration event — of “speed skiing” — and one of the other speed skiiers died the morning of the final when he skied into a snow groomer on a morning run in a freak, tragic accident, and the event was never added as a permanent part of the Games, even though the accident wasn’t directly related. I suspect that is not where you expected this paragraph to go. Neither did I, because I originally opened this paragraph with the words “fun fact!” before I innocently fell into a Wikipedia Wormhole about Olympic Skiers of the early 90s that ended in tragedy.  Never let it be said that I fail to take you with me on a tangent. I do not even know how to segue back from that. But, suffice it to say: Gigi, kid, you look great.

[Cover: Vogue Arabia, photographed by Inez and Vinoodh]