Last time we saw Morena Baccarin, which was about a month ago, she looked like this:

grown ups premiere 3 240610
And she was playing Anna, the alien queen on V, who did thinks like beating the hell out of her daughter, having sex with and then eating the a man chosen to be the father of her lizard army, getting really peeved that a rebel faction destroyed all her militant little eggs before they could hatch, making Bailey from Party of Five her unwitting pawn (doesn’t she know he’s an alcoholic with dead parents and a troubled romantic past?), and wearing lots of dresses with mock-turtleneck-height collars that kind of made her head look like it was being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste or something.
She’s done a little tweaking to this hair since then:

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Now, I would’ve thought they were beginning to shoot V already, so are we to think this hair is in fact a giant SPOILER? Are we going to find out that when Vs experience substantial grief, they go platinum and then hit the beach? Is Anna going to start sending her famous the-bottom-of-our-spaceships-is-actually-a-giant-plasma-screen messages Max Headroom-style? Is she going to turn out to be a huge Flavor of Love fan, influenced heavily by the work of Brigitte Nielsen? Because otherwise, it doesn’t seem to compute as the head-suit of choice for an alien tyrant who is calm and collected and suave on the outside, and a kettle of rage within; I mean, that hair is the very image of a tantrum poorly thrown, no?
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