One of the many things I like about Elizabeth Banks is that she is NEVER boring. Even if I don’t like what she’s wearing, she never shies from color and pattern and she’s ALWAYS interesting. I applaud that. And she LOVES wearing a feathered skirt to the Vanity Fair party, as she did it in 2012, as well:

I like this effort SO much more than that; I’m just not sure if this is equal to the sum of its parts. Let’s do some figuring: the shoes are amazing; the color is divine; it’s refreshing to see someone show up at this event NOT wearing a giant gown for once; and, obviously, who doesn’t like a dramatic feathered cocktail skirt? I am, on the other hand, EXTREMELY sad she didn’t wear the matching coat. It’s possible that I’m delirious on lack of sleep, but as kooky as this is, I find it – and her — charming, and so I’m going to hand her the win here.

Will YOU?

  • Absolutely not. I do not enjoy this. (23%, 1,256 Votes)
  • Maybe. Let me live with it a little bit. (31%, 1,655 Votes)
  • Yes! Banks FTW! I love this. (46%, 2,501 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,412

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