When I heard Gossip Girl was going to Paris, I had this horrible fear that the whole SHOW would go. So, less like the brilliance of Brenda and Donna Go Abroad And Brenda Meets ‘Reek’ And Donna Almost Becomes A Model While Wearing a Giant-Sunflower-Print Dress, Like, I’M SO SURE; Meanwhile Dylan and Kelly Go All ‘Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover’ On The Beach And David Silver Sings About People Who Are Precious To Him And Andrea Gets A Bad Haircut And Brandon Dates A Bigot, and more of people illogically following Blair and Serena to Paris for contrived reasons, until they all end up standing at the Eiffel Tower bleating, “Rufus? What are YOU doing here? DAN? And VANESSA? Aren’t you too boring to be here?” And then it would be a parade of anyone who was ever on Gossip Girl, like Dorota and her new baby, and Carter Whatshisface, and Blair’s old minions, and her new ex-minions, and Jack Bass, and Rufus and Lily’s downstairs neighbor, and some extra who likes to sit on the Met steps who would be all, “Blair WALDORF! I haven’t seen you since you left for sixth-period English a year ago!”

Anyway, fortunately, my fears may have been unfounded. I have tried to make this as unspoilery as possible, but I don’t think it will ruin anyone’s day (except perhaps Jessica Szohr’s, as she is probably really bitter that her character is Too Dull For Europe) to say that this photo was not shot in Paris:
Hairy purse, denim vest-jacket — whatever. But are we, as a nation, really ready for clogs to come back? I just read an Us Weekly where a photo caption claimed Rachel Bilson is totally stoked for them this summer, and apparently V here is on board, but I am not so sure. To me, they are best left in Holland, and Melrose Place reruns. And V here is no Amanda Woodward. Like, get back to me when she makes her boss hang himself over his own desk, you know?