So Vanessa Hudgens has been out and about a lot lately promoting that movie she made with Nina Dobrev about dog parks, or whatever that movie is about, and while I am distressed that there even is a movie about dog parks that isn’t (a) about a serial killer who meets her prey there or (b) an animated charmer where the dog park is basically canine Melrose Place, I am pleased to have her back. (She’s also apparently a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, a fact of which I am aware thanks solely to Instagram.) This floral number is so great on her. It’s chic and summery and easy, and it kinda feels like the upmarket version of this J.Crew dress I’ve been eyeing all weekend. (Don’t ask me what CELEBRITY EXPERIENCE is; I assume it’s a venue in Las Vegas where you pay $50 to walk a red carpet, have your photo taken, and then two old crones yell at you that they hate your pants?)

Her Instagram is full of similarly intriguing/enjoyable outfits. This is Fendi, and I love the color:

Good day la ❤️ @fendi

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This is Temperley, and I am DISTRESSED that we haven’t also seen it on the Duchess of Cambridge yet:

Head to toe

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Work with me, Middleton.

[Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock, Instagram]