All righty, this one is a bit trickier from a Fantasy Makeover standpoint than the first time we tried this feature, when it generally just involved swapping out some of Rihanna’s separates. But to shake things up from the usual “Fug or Fab” approach, we’re going to noodle with this one anyway. Ready? OK.

From one angle, I thought maybe I liked Evangeline’s outfit:

Looking For Eric Premiere - 2009 Cannes Film Festival

The top color is quite fetching, and on first glance this seems sleek and streamlined.

But then I saw her strike a pose in it from another angle:

Looking For Eric Premiere - 2009 Cannes Film Festival

From this side I notice more that her boobs seem strapped down so tightly that they’re in danger of inverting. Her insanely buff shoulders seem rather threatening next to that severe neckline and the pulled-taut hair. The makeup suddenly seems too aggressive. Also, I’m not averse to ombre, but the color drops so quickly from light to dark on this dress that — when paired with those clunky sandals — the entire bottom of it just looks heavy.

Not to mention how from yet ANOTHER angle, the cut makes Evangeline seem weirdly hippy, which anyone who watches Lost can attest is not the case:

Looking For Eric Premiere - 2009 Cannes Film Festival

Like, from full-on, it almost feels like she put on a caftan and then had her As Seen On TV vacuum sealer suck the top half to her torso.

I think I’d like to see it with softer hair hanging loose to minimize her muscles against the severity of that bodice. And/or cut a sexier neckline, and pair it with a more delicate shoe. I don’t know how to cure the hippy thing except maybe to tell her not to walk, and instead have Matthew Fox and Josh Holloway wheel her around the venue. Maybe dropping the waistline would help?

But I’d like to hear what you’d do to it, to try and make it more flattering — assuming, of course, you think anything needs to be done at all. The usual commenting rules apply; last time it went so well — excepting one totally unnecessary Chris Brown joke and a few potential trolls pimping other boards — that we’re excited to read your discourse on this one. Bonus points if you can do it without resorting to a HUGELY tempting (if also confusing and maybe a little nonsensical) Lost-related time-travel joke.