This one is fairly simple, Fug Nation — or at least I think so — but I am throwing it open to you anyway. Emma Watson is SO adorable and SO the anti-Lohan that I just want her to knock it out of the proverbial ball park every time; if I happen to be seated eating a hot dog and drinking bad beer out of a plastic cup when she does it, so much the better. Unfortunately, as much as I want to, I can’t give this my full endorsement.

Emma Watson visits the Late Show with David Letterman, NYC

[Photo: Splash News]

It’s like she wrapped a beach cover-up over a tank top, and then got drunk and went shoe-shopping. I’m not sure how else to explain those — seriously, they are the color of those kidney-bean-shaped emesis basins that sit in hospital rooms, waiting for you to puke up the Jell-O you just ate. I am a little afraid she borrowed them from Daniel Radcliffe, who is clearly suffering from some kind of head injury that puts him on obedient auto-pilot anytime some dipshit with a toggle shows up at his front door.

The dress part has potential, but it’s hard to see it when I’m being blinded by the rest. Clearly, I’d start a makeover with her feet: Avada Kedavra the hell out of those pink bastards and go with one of the chunky strappy sandals that all the kids love these days, or a cute pair of flats — maybe even gold ones to play off her purse strap. And I’d like to see the dress without the tank, although I do so love Emma in color that I’d long for the chance to see if the polka-dot pattern worked even better in a hue. She’s great in blue.

But what would you do? Get out your magic wands and wave them, although be careful if your co-workers are standing behind you trying to peek at what the hell is making you whip your arms around in the air like you just don’t care. You don’t want to maim anything except what’s not working about this outfit.

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