It’s Monday morning, and I am still half-asleep, and so I don’t have the will-power to restrain myself from what I am about to do. I am sorry. Although I am about to lose my dignity in front of you, please don’t take it out on Jessica. Thank you. 


Orange carpet at the 74th Annual Roma Fiction Fest in Rome
Claire Danes: From My So-Called Life to My So-Called Sleeve.
I know. I know.
On a serious note — not that the aforetyped pun was not DEADLY SERIOUS — I am not sure about the elements of this dress. The green stripe/strap kind of looks like an animate tape gun ran her over, and Sleeve over there is basically a giant arm-cape. Which, I think we all learned from The Incredibles, is going to be a problem if she stands anywhere near a running jet engine. It also seems so unwieldy. I have one shirt whose sleeves are too long, and it’s annoying anytime I want to use my hands — I have to shake it down to, say, grab a soda, reach into a bag of Tangy Carolina BBQ Lay’s (purely theoretically, of course), drive my car… and if Claire intends to use the bathroom, for sanitary reasons, I hope she is right-handed.
What would you do to tone down all the Stuff on this? Keep the stripe and lose Sleeve? Ditch the stripe AND its strap, and leave Sleeve to do its billowing business? Axe them both? Move the potential arm-cape behind her, so that it’s a cape-cape? Tweak any colors? I think it’d be fine enough without Stripe AND Sleeve, but I bet y’all can come up with a more fun than My So-Called Idea. And with THAT, we have come full-circle.