Until these premieres, I had no idea Anna Kendrick was in Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Maybe she has a tiny part, or maybe people just don’t think she’s a household name or something, but the girl got an Oscar nod for Up In The Air and is the only watchable part of the Twilight movies. That ought to carry SOME PR sway, even if it’s not her movie. Then again, maybe it’s fine, because this is not so much her dress.

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[Photo: WENN.com]

I think those grey strips down the side are supposed to add interest, but instead, they create confusion. I also think they’re supposed to give the dress some contouring, but instead they widen her figure. And as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions; if they were sentient beings, I think those strips should be getting some sweaty armpits and a quickened pulse right about now, because they’re ten seconds away from having to sit on Satan’s living room futon while he watches a marathon of interviews with Heidi Montag and then finishes it with The Best Of Kara DioGuardi. And not for nothing, although I love the purple, I don’t think Anna Kendrick should keep wearing shoes with ankle cuffs. As I have this same problem, I don’t feel terribly guilty noting that such footwear straps her to a seat on the Cankletown Express that she does not actually deserve. I have ridden that train, and it leads to a really sad place that doesn’t even have a bar.
Is this outfit fixable? Is it as simple as ridding itself of the grey stripes? Or booting the pleated tulle over the top of it, which reduces the grey detailing to what it is? Add color, lose the off-the-shoulder piece, change the shoes? What? Re-fab her with your style rehab. … Oh, come on, I had to go for the wordplay. It is my first love, and my kryptonite.