It’s fun having Anna “Suck it, Twilight, I’m Tight With Clooney” Kendrick on the scene, because she’s always making a go of it with her clothes now that the establishment has decided she’s a star:

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That said… Okay, remember that scene in the first Twilight where Edward shows Bella why he can’t go out into the sun, and the book it’s like, “He gleamed like a million tiny diamonds made from coal squashed by angels, and licked by unicorn-puppy hybrids dancing on rainbows coming out of Betty White’s ears,” but then the movie came out and it looked more like, “Damn, it’s 85 degrees outside and I’m in long sleeves, I hope I remembered to wear my deodorant”? I wonder if that’s how this outfit felt to Anna — all buildup and no execution, as if her stylist told her she had this wicked faux-animal-print minidress with an asymmetrical bodice and bold shoes, but when Anna put it on the neckline made a see-saw out of her chest and somehow it looked a lot boxier than anything with that kind of sculpting should, and the neighbor’s canary got all horny for her feet.
How would you fix it?