Amanda Seyfried won a vague award of excellence at the Santa Barbara Film Festival — the Montecito Award for someone who’s made great film contributions, in which they include Mank but are not specifically actually recognizing Mank for having its own greatness. She picked this moth-eaten Dior for the occasion, and they tried to edge her out a little in the styling, but a little smoky eye might not be enough here. It lacks the surly, haunting Lydia Deetz vibe of the actual runway appearance. And frankly, they shouldn’t have just focused on Amanda’s head; this screams for Doc Marten boots instead of those wedding shoes. I don’t know if she’s trying to look lightly wicked as part of her campaign for Wicked, or what, but if you’re going to go there… I say go all the way with some real shit-kicking shoes. Even Glinda would yawn at these.

[Photo: Renato Campora via Dior]