Obviously, if you’re doing something spiffy with the Museum of Arts and Design, you’re going to be tempted to wear something very unusual — something artsy, perhaps, and full of design. I just can’t decide what to make of Rose’s effort here:

paperball 141009

My brain keeps whipsawing between the good and the odd. Tiny waist! Clunky shoes. Interesting neck! Terrible hair. And the skirt gives me pause: On one hand, it makes her look like a martini glass, all boring stem and then an explosion of fun up top. But on the other, what the hell DO you wear with that top? It’s like when you try something on at the store and you love it but you don’t have a thing that goes with it in your wardrobe, and so you think, “Well, I’ll buy the top first and then I’ll FIND SOMETHING to wear it with,” and then you never do, and suddenly you’ve never worn it and you really want to and so you just throw any old thing with it and hope for the best.

Now, possibly, that’s just sewn to LOOK like it’s separates, but I just wonder if it’s a waste of an architecturally interesting upper half not to make it a full ball gown, or have it flow into a tight pencil-cut dress. I am gripped with indecision on this fine Friday, and I don’t like to end my week under such terrible stress. Indecision is for Wednesdays, people. Because then you get over it and you cake walk through the rest of the week. So help me out here, in sort of a hybrid Fug or Fab and Unfug piece — talk up its relative merits and demerits in the comments, and let us all know what you’d do if you got to play stylist. Stay on topic, stay friendly, stay on target, stay with me, stay for a while, stay sweet and see you next summer, etc.